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Application of infrared gas stove principle

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Infrared wavelength is longer than visible light, has a thermal effect, has a strong penetration ability, not easy to be absorbed by the atmosphere. Accordingly, infrared ray gas stove has obvious energy - saving effect.

Infrared light carries energy by itself. You feel warm when the sun shines on your body. As a result of this characteristic, there are now many applications of infrared products on the market, such as: infrared health underwear, infrared home heater, infrared temperature measurement, etc.. And infrared stove is made of these characteristics of infrared ray.

Energy saving efficiency can reach more than 35%. Infrared radiation board made of special refractory materials, when the flame burns, the flame into the infrared, accelerate the object's heating process. As a result of the transmission of infrared radiation, the performance of the gas stove has been greatly improved.

The advantages of infrared gas cooker:

1, energy saving: because of the characteristics of infrared heat radiation, so infrared gas stove thermal efficiency is high, ordinary gas stove thermal efficiency of 52%, and infrared gas stove thermal efficiency can reach more than 68%. And the energy-saving effect of infrared ray gas cooker also can achieve 30% above.

2, environmental protection: because infrared gas cooker adopts flameless combustion (combustion without visible open fire), long-term use will not smoke black cooker and pollution of the kitchen environment. Ordinary gas stoves, due to insufficient combustion, will produce carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, the former inhaled people will be toxic, and the latter is prone to chronic cancer. Infrared gas stove because of full combustion, so the emission of pollutants greatly under the national standard, especially carbon monoxide emissions, only one tenth of the national standard.

3. Safety:

Infrared gas stove has excellent wind resistance, not easy to be blown out by the wind. It is not easy to produce such as yellow flame, off fire, tempering and other ordinary gas stove easy to produce the phenomenon of combustion instability.

A good infrared gas stove burner should have good thermal shock resistance (20℃ to 1100℃ quenching and heating experiment 30 times will not burst), both when the burner is burned to 1100℃, instantly put into 20℃ cold water, 30 times will not burst. In the normal cooking process, if there is cold water poured into the normal burning burner, the burner does not go out, do not burst.


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